1/ What is the closing date for application to Islamic Universities of Saudi Arabia?

This question has causes a lot of ink to flow; indeed nobody really knows what is the closing date for application. However, we can assert that if you want your form to be effective for the current year (that is to say at the start of the school year following the registration) you need to give your application form by the end of February at the latest. With the new system of « two start of the school year » put in place these three last years, a student can get accepted in one of the universities during the whole year.

2/ What are the « standard » conditions to get accepted to Islamic Universities of Saudi Arabia? Is it possible for a student to get accepted if he doesn’t satisfy these conditions?

The « standard » conditions of admission are:

- To have a high school diploma (or equivalent diploma)
- To be less than 25 years old
- To have a clean police record

These conditions are a priori indisputable. Nevertheless, every year some students get accepted while they don’t satisfy one or even all the conditions. One should know that if the student doesn’t fulfil all the conditions, his chances to get accepted are obviously diminished, wAllahou a’lam.

3/ What diploma the student should highlight (for those who have several diplomas)?

There are two possible scenarios:
- If the student got a diploma before the high school diploma such as BEP (vocational diploma) or BEPC (GCSE), it is not necessary to mention them in the application form, and thus to translate them.
- If the student got a diploma after the high school diploma such as BTS (two-year technical degree), DUT (technological degree), LICENCE (bachelor’s degree), MASTER (master’s degree) or DOCTORAT (doctorate) it is hardly advised to mention them in the application form and thus to translate them. The reason is quite simple; the student should prove and demonstrate to the University that the lapse of time between the end of his studies in France and the application to Islamic University of Saudi Arabia is the shortest possible (maximum 5 years). The higher the degree the better.

4/ How can a student strengthen his application form?

It is not necessarily the quantitative that matters, but rather the qualitative. The student can reinforce his application form by including the best and the most recent degrees he got.
The student can also add a letter in support of application (compulsory for the Islamic University of Qassim) translated in Arabic.
Eventually, every recommendation by a sheikh, an association, a mosque or even another student from one of the Islamic Universities of Saudi Arabia is an asset.
The conditions for the delivery of a Tazkiya within the CEP (Centre in direct collaboration with the SARL TARJIM) are:
- To know or to be known by a preacher about the Sunnah or by a student in one of the Islamic Universities of Saudi Arabia.

- To already have a Tazkiya from an Islamic association or from a mosque.

For those who don’t fulfil these two conditions please get in touch with us.

5/ What are the universities that accept women?

To the best of my knowledge, there are only two universities that accept women:
The Islamic University of Mecca (Umm Al Qura) and the Islamic University of Riyadh.
However, the condition for a woman to get accepted in one of these two universities is that her husband should also get accepted in it.
There is also the Islamic University of Riyadh named « Princess Noura » which is exclusively for women, but I don’t have any other information about it for now.

6/ What is the picture format accepted for an online registration in the website of the Islamic University of Medina?

The one and only accepted picture format is the following: JPEG

7/ What are the so called « rare » nationalities?

A way to get easily accepted in one of the Islamic Universities of Saudi Arabia is to come from a country said « rare » such as:
(This list is made up of the different nationalities that potentially existed in France)

- Italy
- Portugal
- Switzerland
- Haiti
- Cape Verde
- Gabon
- Congo
- Togo
- …

8/ What does the individual interview in the Islamic University of Medina involve?

The individual interview in the Islamic University of Medina is scheduled after the registration. The student gets a temporary student number that enables him to print an interview paper.
This individual interview is not compulsory but it considerably reinforces the application.
It consists in an interview in Arabic language (the student can be helped by another French speaker one) where the student will be asked different things about his religion and his motivation. Thanks to this individual interview, the dean of the University will be able to define the student’s profile with the aim of the deliberations at the end of the year.

9/ When will the list of the students who get accepted in Islamic Universities of Saudi Arabia be published ?

As already said before, there is no precise date about the publication of this list. However, the list is often published around the month of July or August.
So, I advise you to be patient during this time and above all to keep on studying because nothing should hinder a Muslim from learning his religion.

What are the opening hours of the Saudi Universities ?

One should know that the Saudi Universities hardly ever close their doors for those who wish to give their application form; with the exception of the last ten days of Ramadan and of the week of the Hajj.
Here are the opening hours:
Monday: 09h00 – 13h30
Tuesday: 09h00 – 13h30
Wednesday: 09h00 – 13h30
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 09h00 – 13h30
Sunday: 09h00 – 13h30

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