The Islamic University“Al Imam Muhammad ibn Saud”of Riyadh





The Islamic University “Al Imam Muhammad ibn Saud” stands out from Medina University by its modesty.

It is ideally located in Riyadh, in the north of the city and close to the great international airport of Riyadh.

Let me give you a brief presentation of Riyadh and its Islamic University.




University detail

Geographical location and demography

Riyadh is the capital of the Saudi Arabia Kingdom. It is situated in the center of the Arabic peninsula on the Najd plateau.

At 900km from the holy cities, it stands out by its modernism; in fact, it is one of the richest cities in the world.

Riyadh is by far the most populated city of the country with its 4 700 000 inhabitants.

Its 1 550 Km² make of Riyadh one of the biggest city in the world.

Religious situations in the region

Riyadh is also a cradle for the Islamic research in the world with, among other things, the presence of great scholars of the Kingdom; at the top of it, his eminence the mufti Abdul Aziz Ali Sheikh.

Among them, great scholars such as:

  • Sheikh Salah Fawzan bin Abd Allah al Fawzan
  • Sheikh Salih al Louhaydan
  • Sheikh Abd Allah al Ghoudayan

May Allah preserve them and be merciful to them and to their family…

Presentation of the Islamic University of Riyadh:

Created more than 60 years ago, the Riyadh University is the oldest Islamic university of the Kingdom and above all the first one to allow foreign students.

Most of its students are Saudi Arabians (about 90%).

It is also the biggest and most populated university in the country with 30 00 students.

It stands out by its comfort worthy of great occidental universities, with sport equipment, fitted bedrooms and a huge mosque!



At present, its Islamic sciences are composed of 4 branches:

  • Sharia
  • Dawa wa oussoul edddine
  • Islamic finance
  • Arabic language

Non-Arabic speakers have, as in every Saudi university, an Arabic language institute with a 2 year program before integrating one of the 4 faculties mentioned above.

Once accepted, the student receives the same advantages as the non-Saudi scholarship holders in other Saudi universities.

This includes: (this list is non-exhaustive)

  • A student visa and residence permit
  • A round-trip plane ticket by year in the country of origin
  • A monthly allowance of 840 SR (900 SR for post graduate students)
  • Free accommodation (for single students only)
  • Free health care
  • Discount meals

Processus de demande

Pour faire une demande d’inscription tout se fait soit en dépôt sur place ou soit par courrier.

Les dépôts en ligne ne sont pas encore possibles.


Présentation en image de l’université islamique al Imam de Riyadh (en arabe)


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