The Islamic University of Medina




The Islamic University of Medina stands out from the three other universities by its age and its experience in the propagation of Islam all over the world.

It is a renowned university!

It has a wealth of 10 000 students, almost all of them are non-Saudi Arabians (approximately 85%) and the most prominent Islamic scholars of the last century have been there.

It is such an honorable experience to walk in Sheikh al-Albani or Sheikh ibn Baz’s footsteps.

Thus, I suggest you to discover the Islamic University of Medina in these few points, but believe me, one cannot describe Medina, one can only live it…



University detail

Geographical location and demography:

Medina, usually called « Al-Madinah al Munawarah » (the illuminated city), is the capital of the area carrying the same name.

With its 1 100 000 inhabitants, it is the 3rd city of the country in terms of demography. It would make of it the 2nd city in France.

Medina is known, a long way ahead Qassim, for providing a habitat for the best dates in the world with its famous Ajwa (this date had been planted by the prophet Muhammad   himself).

Medina is especially well known by Muslim people for housing the 2nd biggest mosque in the world: Our prophet Muhammad  ‘s mosque, where his grave is located.

The city is full of places that have forever left their mark in the story of Islam such as: The great Quba mosque, the Cemetery where great personalities of Islam have been buried in the purest Islamic tradition (without raising grave or gravestone), the mount of Uhud, etc.

Religious situations in the region:

Medina is quite simply the city where our prophet Muhammad  had wished to die and to be buried.

It was home to about ten generation of great scholars that it wouldn’t be easy to enumerate them.

It is the birthplace of Islamic sciences throughout the world.

The access to Medina is even denied to non-Muslim people in order to preserve the city from unbelieving; it is a sacred territory of Islam.

If you want to learn more about the great benefits of Medina, I advise you to read the part entitled “The benefits of Medina” written by a great Medina scholar: Sheikh Abdel Mouhsin al-Abbad.

Presentation of the University of Medina

The university has been created 50 years ago by a royal decree of his majesty the king Saud bin Abdul Aziz Saud.

Its first university president was his eminence Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim. He had been followed by his eminence Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah ibn Baz. The actual university president is Dr Muhammad Al-Oqla.

For a little while, the Islamic University of Medina could boast of being the only great university in the world in terms of Islamic sciences. But recently, it has been officially declared that some other worldly sciences would be integrated such as medicine or business.

For now, its Islamic sciences are composed of 5 branches:

  • Sharia law
  • Dawa wa oussoul eddine
  • Holy Quran
  • Arabic language
  • Hadith

Non-Arabic speakers have, as in every Saudi university, an Arabic language institute with a 2 year program before integrating one of the 5 faculties mentioned above.

Once accepted, the student receives the same advantages as the non-Saudi scholarship holders in other Saudi universities.

This includes: (this list is non-exhaustive)

  • A student visa and residence permit
  • A round-trip plane ticket by year in the country of origin
  • A monthly allowance of 840 SR (900 SR for post graduate students)
  • Free accommodation (for single students only)
  • Free health care
  • Discount meals

Registration process

The Islamic University of Medina is the only Saudi university provided with an online register portal.

The student must fill his register application online in order to get a temporary student number and an interview paper before coming for an individual interview.

The application deposit by mail or from hand to hand, as it was common before, is no longer accepted.

Le dépôt des dossiers demain à mai ou par courrier, comme il était courant à l’époque, n’existe donc plus.



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