The TARJIM.FR team provides you with the best translators to work on all your communication documents:

  • Websites   French to English / English to French
  • Books  French to English / English to French
  • Videos  French to English / English to French
  • Audios  French to English / English to French
  • Every document that doesn’t enter in the options proposed for the inscription in Saudi Arabia Universities (ex: resume, letter in support of application, conversion certificate, diverse letter, etc.)

To do so, TARJIM.FR has recruited renowned translators, among them, the preacher Soufiane Abu Ayub. Here is a brief presentation of him:

  • Vice-president of the CEP
  • Religious manager of the CEP
  • Imam of the Blanc-Mesnil mosque (93)
  • Recommended by Sheikh wassiouAllah Abbas, great scholar of Makah.

Mastering  Arabic and French languages he has accompanied, as an interpreter, many Muslim personalities from Saudi Arabia such as Sheikh Sa’ad Chathri, Sheikh wassiouAllah ‘abas, Sheikh ‘abdul ‘aziz Rayyis, Sheikh Hamad al ‘Atiq, Sheikh ‘Uthman al Khamis, Sheikh Faysal al Koweyti, Sheikh Khalid Chayir, Sheikh ‘abdAllah al ‘Adani…etc.

If you want an estimate of our work, feel free to send us an email, and in the next 24 hours you will receive a complete answer from us.

Confirmed translators, short delivery deadlines and preferential prices: so many reasons to turn towards TARJIM.FR for your translations…

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